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One Year Of Political Change In Pakistan
One Year of Tabdeeli (Change)
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Today, a year has passed since the general elections in Pakistan. The ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf (PTI) is observing July, 25th 2019 as a \"Thanks Giving Day\" while the whole opposition as a \"Black Day\".
This past year has radically change the political climate of the country. Apprearingly, PTI government has managed herself to get momentum and standout in Pakistani politics.
Economic growth during this period was radically slower down. The inflation rate got high which eventually resulted in the increase of unemployment rate.
UN commission report stated that Pakistan's GDP growth rate will remains 4.2 per cent in 2019 and it will decreased to 4.0 per cent in 2020 which is comprising to India and Bangladesh is very low. The depreciation of the rupee has brought with it a hurricane of inflation which has made the living of a common man much difficult.
This unstable condition of economy put government to set aside her finance minister Asar Umer which called the brain of PTI to bring a non-elected technocrat Dr. Hafeez Sheikh as economic advisor. Imran Khan who had been a great criticizer of previous governments for IMF packages has also to go for it.
Beside it, PTI has taken diligent measures to increase the revenue and exports to lower the fiscal deficit which surely needs some time.
On the floor of parliament, PTI government has made standout herself by its accountability strategy which has absolutely clinched the power of opposition. The imprisonment of former president Asif Zardari and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has morally downed the opposition and they are outwardly couldn't surpass the government in parliament or by street power which is quite nourishing for ruling party.
The distrust motion of opposition against the Chairman senate does not appear to be successful either, which depicts the complete failure of opposition on the parliamentary front.
The Tabdeeli government has been playing from front foot on diplomatic ground.
The recent visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to US considers as the most successful visit of US by any Pakistani ruler since last decade. The relationships of Pakistan with some countries like UAE, US, Saudi Arabia and Iran which was prone to cold seal in previous periods have also started to return to normal.
The most important role in these diplomatic successes is the charismatic personality of PM Imran who has the capability of overcoming his adversary. Undoubtedly, PM Imran Khan has represented his country outside the Pakistan more effectively than his predecessors.
Civil-Military relationships always been a major issue of Pakistan which has completely influenced the domestic and external affairs of country and many civil governments have come under its impel. But current government have a very ideal relationship with military leadership.
General Bajwa has played a key role in this paradigm shift which is obviously favors the stability of country and democratic process in Pakistan.
The first year of government was not easy to run country in ideal way but it has been quite encouraging for her in most of the aspects.
Government have many challenges to tackle down like economy, recovery of looted money and take it back to Pakistan, to fulfill her election slogans which certainly required time. Before coming into power, PTI had shown the public a ray of hope. It have to see how the government meets its pre-election promises and the public expectations in the coming days.
By: Salman Zahoor
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